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You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

If you have questions about the event, please review the FAQ below? If you can’t find the answer there or on the website, please email and we’ll get you squared away.

What type of bike do I need?

If it’s a bike and it rolls, it will probably work on The Ride. You’ll fit right in with a mountain, road, hybrid, commuter, cyclo-cross, or fat tire bike. You’ll be riding 20 miles on Saturday and 13 miles on Sunday.

You’ll be rolling over:

  • Traffic-free roads
  • Paved bike trails
  • Crushed limestone bike trails
Why the Saturday afternoon start?

You will have a full day of activities the way the event is setup with an afternoon start. Plus you can enjoy the Farmers Market in the Haymarket prior to the ride.

What is included in my registration?

We’ve packed this event full of value and aside from additional beverages, it’s pretty much all-inclusive and full-service.  View the full list of what’s included here. What’s Included.

What if I get a flat tire or my bike breaks down?

Please bring a spare tube and a patch kit and know how to fix a flat tire. We will have several bike shops along the way to help. Plus a mobile fix-it crew.

Where do we park?

Parking is free and will be in downtown Lincoln at secure lots near 605 N 8th St, Lincoln, NE 68508 just north of the post office.

What if I don’t have a bike?

Sounds like the perfect reason to buy one from our bike shop partners. Or rent one. Or borrow one from a friend.

Can a non-rider join me at the festival?

Yes, but you will have to purchase a Non-Rider Festival Pass for them during Step 2 of Registration and they are extremely limited so act fast. The only way that non-riders can attend the festival is as a guest of a rider. This is a bike festival afterall!

Can I bring my RV or camping trailer?

Sorry, but that’s a negative. There are lots of lodging options, but RVs and camping trailers aren’t allowed.

When does the event start?

The Saturday roll out is at 1:30 pm on Saturday, August 3rd and the Sunday sleepy start for the ride home is from 7am – 9am on Sunday, August 4th. The festival is all day Saturday, August 3rd.

What Should I Pack?

Your registration includes two luggage tags. If you need additional bags you can purchase additional luggage tags at $25 per tag during step 2 of registration. One tag per Luggage. Please note: If you are bringing your tent that counts as a bag, same goes for your sleeping bag. We suggest you put your sleeping bag and tent inside one bag.

Learn all about luggage here.

How does my luggage get to the festival and back?

On Saturday at the parking area we will have a Luggage drop-off zone. Here you will drop your luggage and we will transport your luggage to the Festival. At the Festival you will pick up your luggage in the designated Luggage pickup zone. You will have to show that your Festival ID matches your Luggage Tags.

Learn all about luggage here.

Can someone pick me up at the festival?

You can ride the Lincoln Shuttle that can get you back to Lincoln on Saturday night and back out to the festival on Sunday morning. You can purchase those tickets during step 2 of registration for $5.

Learn all about the Lincoln Shuttle here.

Can I ride extra miles?

Yes, at your own risk just like you were riding any other Saturday or Sunday. If you want to ride more, we suggest that you do it prior to Saturday’s start time or after you cross the finish line on Sunday. Once you check in your bike on Saturday at the festival, we won’t allow you to check your bike out until Sunday morning. Make sure you get your bags on our Luggage Shuttle and hit the start line at 1:30 pm.

Can I start early?

The roads won’t be closed on Saturday until we officially start the event. Riding outside our timeframe or outside the official route would be at your own risk and on your own accord. The finish line and Roca Berry Farm will open at 2:45 pm. Nothing will be open prior to that. Plus, the Luggage Shuttle won’t have arrived anway.

What about bike safety?

All riders must wear a bike helmet while riding their bike. No motorized bikes. No safety lights will be required because all riding will take place during daylight hours. Riders will be required to have their Bike Tag affixed and wear their Festival Wristband throughout the duration of the event.

Do I have to camp? Do I have to have that planned when I register?

We got you. You can choose to camp, stay in a hotel, catch the Lincoln Shuttle, stay in the on-site hotel trailer. You won’t need to pick until Step 2 of Registration and can add-on options up to 15 days prior to the event.

What if I don’t have camping gear?

No worries. You have lots of options. You can rent a tent, stay in the on-site hotel trailer, or catch the Lincoln Shuttle and stay at home or in our Host Hotel. You don’t need to know your exact plan when register. Adding tents or shuttle tickets will be an additional purchase after you register. See all lodging options.

What is the age limit? Can my kids come?

This is a 21+ age restricted event so no children on the ride or at the festival.

Where and when is Packet Pickup?

Advanced Packet Pickup is Friday will be at several bike shops in Lincoln or Omaha. Your packet will be at the location you choose.

Event Day Packet Pickup is Saturday will be at the downtown parking lots. This is also where you will drop your luggage.

Learn all about Packet Pickups here.

What is the route?

Check out the Saturday Ride Out and Sunday Ride Home routes here.

Will the roads be closed to vehicle traffic?

Yes, mostly. Approximately the first 7 miles of Saturday’s Ride Out will be on traffic-free roads controlled by Lincoln Police. The remaining route will be on bike trails that will cross a few streets. Those streets will have police officers at them but riders will need to follow police instructions and may need to stop.

Sunday’s route is nearly entirely on bike trails. Police officers will be at the trail crossings to make those crossing safe, but riders will again need to follow police instructions.

Can I bring my car to the festival?

No. We will provide free, secure overnight parking downtown for Saturday night and Sunday until the end of the event.

However, If you purchase a non-rider festival pass, that person will be able to bring one vehicle to a parking pass at the Festival.

Is the event timed?

Nope. This is a bike ride, not a bike race. There will be no timing and no racing.

Can I ride my bike home on Saturday?

No. Once you reach the festival on Saturday you will be required to check in your bike and we won’t allow you to check it out until Sunday morning. This is for the safety of all participants.