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All the details.

Along with this website, there are three additional sources of information to get you prepared for event weekend: The Pocket Guide, Mobile App, and Rule Book.

Pocket Guide

As its name suggests, it folds up and will fit in your pocket. You’ll receive a printed copy of this at Packet Pickup.

Mobile App

The official Radler Mobile App powered by Nanonation will be your go-to source for all event information on-the-go. Plus, you’ll need it to participate in Radler Quest! We’ve partnered with Lincoln’s Nanonation to create a first-class app that will make navigating the Radler Bike Festival a breeze. The app is now available in both the Apple and Android app stores. Search for “Radler Ride.”

Rule Book

The Rule Book is the comprehensive source of information for all things Radler. If you are a super-planner, this is for you.